Sell with Crazy Merchant

Merchant Registration
Any person who wishes to sell items on the website can register using the Merchant Introduction form. The Crazy Merchant Vendor Registration Team will get in touch with you within two working days and have a discussion regarding your Company, Products and Services you want to offer through, Terms of Business etc.

What does Crazy Merchant look for when on-boarding Sellers

The website visitors to can be broadly divided in to two segments:
1. Those, looking for unique items to gift or use themselves. These visitors have probably identified a product segment like 'Home Furnishing' or 'Pet Care' or maybe a 'Deep Sea Mud Wrap at a Spa'.
2. And others who have already decided on what to buy and are now looking for the best deal.

CrazyMerchant expects it's Merchants to offer products and services keeping these end customers in mind.
We want sellers who can offer unique products at great prices. CrazyMerchant is a multi-seller platform that enables website visitors get the best products and services from multiple merchants. However, unlike many of the marketplace websites, we do not encourage competition within the merchants and ensure the offerings by various merchants only compliment the offerings at CrazyMerchant as a whole. At the same time, with regular market analysis and product study, we ensure the products being offered at CrazyMerchant by the merchants are, the best in class.

We are more interested in on-boarding Sellers who want to grow with us and offer unique products exclusively to CrazyMerchant rather than creating a price war between websites for their products and services. If you offer products exclusively with online, we will justify our part and get your products that extra reach.

Please get in touch with us right away, if you happen to be manufacturing, importing or providing service and want to offer your creations or services under any of these categories:
1. Fashion Accessories
2. Clothing
3. Home Furnishing
4. Organic Food
5. Paintings
6. Pet Care
7. Spas, Restaurants, Tattoos Parlours, Yoga or Health clubs, Beauty Salons, Tarot, Reiki Practitioners
General business process at
There is a legal document in place which boils down to:
1. Seller gets in to an agreement with CrazyMerchant
2. Seller shares details about Product Specifications with Crazy Merchant.
3. Crazy Merchant and Seller decide on payment terms which are generally between 15 to 30 days from delivery.
4. Website Administrator uploads seller and product details on to CrazyMerchant website.
5. Website visitor buys product online.
6. Crazy Merchant Merchandiser places order on Seller
7. Crazy Merchant Logistics guy inspects and takes delivery from Seller
8. Website Visitor is delivered Products.
9. Seller gets paid as per agreement.

In a not so perfect world:
The Crazy Merchant customer is also your (Seller's) customer. They see the products and services as being offered by a Seller (Brand) on

If a customer returns a product and seeks a refund within the cooling off period, the same is returned to the seller. The seller is not paid for goods/vouchers returned.

If and a seller decide to terminate their business arrangement, all business transactions as per agreement till that date will be honoured by both and any notice period mentioned in agreement will be honoured.

The Seller will have to ensure compliance with legal, intellectual property rights when offering products and services through If the CrazyMerchant Team gets any complaints regarding non-compliance by a Seller, the Seller's account will be suspended till the matter is not cleared.

For more details write in at