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The Terms and Conditions section refers to the end user as "Website User". "We", "Us" means Eternity Infocom Private Limited.

The www.crazymerchant.com is an e-commerce website managed by Eternity Infocom Private Limited, a company incorporated in India under the Companies Act 1956.
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Services Offered:
Crazymerchant.com enables users to purchase original fashion and lifestyle products and services offered by multiple companies and brands. When a Website User places an order or purchases a Product or Service, Crazymerchant.com shall ship the product or service details to the Website User. This entitles Eternity Infocom Pvt Ltd to receive payment for the same.

Intellectual Property Rights:
Brands, Trademarks, designs, icons, logos, graphics, illustrations, description mentioned on Crazymerchant.com are the property of Eternity Infocom Pvt Ltd or it's corresponding business associates.

Variation in finish and appearance of Products:
These will be variations in the quality, finish, appearance, information of the Product that a Website User receives from the photograph of the Product displayed against which the Website User placed the order on Crazymerchant.com.

The Website User irrevocably agrees to indemnify Eternity Infocom Pvt Ltd and Crazymerchant.com from and against any and all direct and in-direct losses, damages, costs and expenses that are a result of your interaction with Eternity Infocom Pvt Ltd and/or purchase of Product/Services form Crazymerchant.com.

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